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I founded Kallidora Creations with one goal in mind: create beautiful and interesting children’s clothes that you won’t find on the high street with an affordable price tag. I love making clothes; it’s so satisfying to start with some pieces of fabric and turn them into something beautiful! My favourite things to make are the harems and the hoodies - I am forever dressing my youngest in them! 


About me:

My name is Nena Lovesey-Morgans, I live in Cardiff with my husband and four children (my eldest is now in university, so he’s only a part time resident)! I’ve always struggled with children’s clothes; boys clothes are just a swamp of miserable colours, while girl’s are a garish explosion of pinks, purples, glitters and stupid slogans. I’ve always wanted to buy bright and cheerful clothes for my sons, and dinosaurs and diggers prints for my daughters. I think it’s about having the choice.


And that’s why making clothes is brilliant!


I can make a fighter planes skirt or a baggy T-shirt with a bright and happy pattern. I love the fact that I can offer that to other people!


Find me on Facebook: 

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